zondag 11 mei 2014

Motorious Make-it-Home goodie bag

Another great sponsor added to the list : Motorious from Denmark in Copenhagen,
they have send us a Make-it-Home goodie bag,
this contains :

Limited edition Pocket knife in high quality german steel, to cut your way out of your burnt down tent on sunday morning at FCB.
Also appropriate for removing any sexually transferred diseases.

Motorious Tiger T-Shirt - At least you will be wearing something on your way home, on the pile of remaining parts of your bike that you had to sell all the cool stuff from the night before, 
to finance the blonde stripper girl that was teasing you last night in the bar.

Matching Iron-on Tiger Patch - If the t-shirt isn't long enough.

A Pair of Blue glass license plate reflectors - made in the USA to original specs. - The only jewelry a true man can wear, and they will ensure that you can be seen standing on the side of the road 200 kilometers outside of Amsterdam.

50 Euro Cash - gas money and for a cup of coffee and a hotdog, to keep you going.

Limited Edition Motorious Lino-cut, hand made in only 50 copies, numbered and signed, to hang on the wall when / if you make it home with it in one piece.

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