vrijdag 18 april 2014

Old Gold Garage Co.

Another great sponsor is Dan Collins from Old Gold Garage Co.

I think Dan doesn't need much of an introduction.. 
 he's been here every summer the last few years for some weeks
and you probably all know and seen what this talented dude is capable of. 

and no we don't mean his fabulous dance moves..
but his skills of drawing up some of the nicest designs, his tattoos, the parts he does and builds some of the coolest rides around.

Like this 27 Chevy 'Singapore Sling' 
and 'Limelight' 38 Ford PU lurking in the back

here you see his current Knuckle

some of the parts he offers..

and here the latest Old Gold designs

to find out more of Dan's and Old Gold Garage Co. products
Click the logo

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