donderdag 13 maart 2014

Trophy Queen & Top Notch Leather Works

Honnered to have Trophy Queen & Top Notch Leather Works as a sponsor.

think if it comes to making handbags Jenny from Trophy Queen doesn't need an introduction,
she's one of the first on earth to do automotive styled custom made handbags,
think if your girl doesn't have a Trophy Queen handbag yet, 
you don't diserve her!

There's a big collection for sale on the website, but she does made to order bags too,
so whenever you have some good ideas.. get in contact with Jenny to order what you've always wanted.

Click the logo to see more of Tropy Queen on the website.

She does Top Notch Leather Works too 
and the quality of the stuff is just amazing, with that super neat finish we can only say check it out it's Top Notch.

Looking for that Bates style wallet

Or dig Mexican blanket style.. you now know where to look for.

See more of Top Notch Leather Works by clicking the logo.

They got a booth at FCB and will have some of the above gems up for grabs.
Our good friend David from Fücker Choppers (Jenny's man) comes along and will bring some of those fine Fücker goodies too.

Many thanks for the support, much appreciated!!
Can't wait to see you guys.

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