donderdag 6 maart 2014

Speed Dealer package

When the sad news arrived from our good friend Sam that left us,
Speed ​​Dealer immediately sent a message that they are going to send a package, 
this is for the auction that we'll be doing to support his family.

Well we just received some awesome stuff from Speed Dealer!
There are a few T-shirts, a sweet and solid brass mirror, 
a black anodized mirror and a black mirror clamp,
and realy like the cool tank/seat bolt, that includes a rubber thingy,
 to protect that presious paint job.

You can bid on these items in the auction held on Saturday afternoon,
this toghetter with lots of other stuff that will be up for grabs.
Thanks for the support!

They make some very fine motorcycles parts if you ask us,
be sure to check their website out for more of these fine gems.

Thank you so much for the support, much appreciated!

Go and click this logo and go check out their website.

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