dinsdag 18 maart 2014

Greasy Kulture Magazine

We're very proud to be sponsored by one of the best magazines on this globe,
what more can we say about GKM. If it's not on your shelf yet,
you're probably not into all of this then?

The articles in GKM are very detailed, every bike that is featured gets a few pages,
the way we like it, so you can see and learn of what and how it's done,
plus the pictures are absolutely superb.

And not to forget is by now the famous Dr. Sprocket's column,
that intrigues as always with some of those fine
let's say, fire place stories.

The master mind behind GKM is Guy Bolton a mighty fine dude and brother in crime,
traveling around in his custom Dodge panel van or on his Panhead.
Here you see the man at work.

Well he is coming over to FCB and is setting up a GKM booth this time.
So lads treat yourself with some of those missing issues or fine goodies,
or just buy the whole collection if you would still not have GKM?

Now he's one of the best DJs around too
and the good thing is, he will play a few sets at FCB this year.
So pack those dancing shoes in to your tool roll
and be ready for some serious shaking going on.

Again many thanks for the support brother.
Much appreciated!

 Click this logo to see more of GKM on the website


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