woensdag 12 maart 2014

DTMC package

Jonathan from Death Traps contacted us that they were going to send some stuff over
for the auction and/or raffle.

Death Traps MC are from Sonora CA, USA
 their mindset is:
Trying to revive a lost lifestyle that has been buried under lame fat tire bikes 
and between the pages of ridiculous “builder” magazines. 
Thirteen guys who are only doing what has been done forever, but until recently 
 has been replaced by theme bikes and fucking circus shows.

Some of you overhere might know Jonathan as he was here in the summer of 2012
for something like 3 months crossing Europe like a mad man,
doing I think about every cool show here in Europe and did put some serious miles on his own machine that he shipped over for that trip, how cool is that.

Picture at Wheels & Waves in Biaritz, France.

Well we have just received a package in the mailbox with support stuff from them which you can be the lucky one of getting your hands on one of these sweet T-shirts or patches.

You'll see 3 guys this summer of DTMC crossing Europe again
and they will join us at FCB.
Really looking forward to hang again,
always a good laugh and hope to do some traveling together.
Thanks again for the support
and see you soon.

click this logo to check the Death Traps MC blog.

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