zondag 16 februari 2014

Vintage swap meet - 30 March

Together with Danny, we're organising a swap meet on Sunday 30 March. 
Danny owns a bunch of old Harley Davidsons and Choppers,
so only this is worth seeing. 

Then there's no fee for standholders, no entrance for visitors, no reservations needed for a booth, 
and it's all indoor, so nice and easy. We even have an indoor chopper parking.

Location is at Danny's place, Old Skool Cafe, Heirweg 190, Laarne, Ghent, Belgium.

Go clean up that garage and earn some cash to finish that next project!

Beer will be cold, arranged a burger booth, a band..
or yeah, you can stay home too.

ps: drawing by Nisses Kustom Skit

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