zaterdag 15 februari 2014

Le Beef Kustoms

I don't think Mattias 'Le Beef' need an introduction here!
He's one of the most talented guy's I've ever met and he's one of the coolest dudes around.
I think most of us who are trying to build chops, will know how much finesse his work contains and that you can only say.. Hail the Craftsman!!!

His incredible Pan

 His Trump long long time ago.. loved this bike.

 Peter long hair's knuck when pink was the new black

The Golden Shovel

I can go on and on with pics..

He made some incredible cars as well, like his PU

But this one blew my mind when I saw it in one of the Gothenburg galleries

His Born Free 5 build.. again inovating if you ask me


And don't forget about his insane parts he's offering,
to make your scoot looks the tits ass

Go to his website and see some more of these gems!!
You can click this logo 
Or pass by his his booth at the event.
Thanks al lot for your support man and see you at FCB!!!

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