zaterdag 8 februari 2014

Kings-Queens Antwerp

Fantastic news.
Our main sponsor Kings-Queens shop in Antwerp
 has just booked a great band..

Hans wanted to do something special as sponsorship, well here you go!!!

They are coming all the way down from Sweden to play
for your ears and eyes only at our Bash.
On Saturday night live... Horisont!!!

You can listen to 3 songs on this You tube link which are my 3 favorites in a row..

Now if you're ever in the neighbourhood of Antwerp, 
be sure to visit the Kings-Queens shop.
While listing to some good tunes and trying some of the finest denims around,
it's always a pleasure!

 and if you are lucky enough,
there might be a party going on.. or a band playing 

This is Hans and his lovely misses Maaike.

 Thank you so much for this awesome sponsorship.
I'm sure Horisont will rock our socks off!!!

 Hans's Ironhead
 (obviously before leaving on a holiday, the only picture I got buddy:)

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