donderdag 9 januari 2014

Pacoima Motorcycles

Very excited Pacoima Motorcycles are sponsoring and crossing the channel!!!
They are brothers to me, Sav has already come for all FCBs, Andy now comes along too and I am sure you want to meet these lovely guy's.
Ok, so about 2 years ago Andy Porter and Paul Savigar founded Pacoima Motorcycles.
Meanwhile, these two already built a legendary reputation in selling historic motorcycles and fine chops.

They sure do take much pride in this, as all bikes are stunningly maintained, highly polished and turned in to very reliable bikes before they go!

So I can only say, if you wish to buy a real genuine Harley Davidson in perfect condition, these are the guy's to look up!
As well as they can build you a real hot scoot too!!! This surviver Panhead is up for grabs at the moment.
Get in contact with Andy before it's gone!

This S&S Knuckle is a brand new non fiddeling bike for you to enjoy riding.
Sav did ride it in.. and it's ready to go to it's new owner.
Get it while it's still out there!

Or some sweet freshly rebuilt engines with tittle that you might want to slam in a bike of yours.

Check there Facebook page out right here.. and support these guy's!!!

O yes, Andy is as well one of the organisers of the hottest show on earth.. The Trip Out!
I am sure you heard about this.. if not, there is something wrong with you???

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