zondag 5 januari 2014


Another Top Sponsor is added to the list:
FMA AKA Freedom Machinery & Acc is the brainchild of Grant & Harpoon
They produce some fine apparel and some excellent parts.
Busy Dudes these guy's are :
Both of them are also involved in the Cycle Lodge with Mike from Born Losers.
Grant and Mike are the guy's behind the legendary Born Free shows, and Harpoon just launched his personal project ,  reproduction of the Vard front forks which look absolutely stunning .And apart from that , he has painted some of the more legendary bikes and cars that have been build latest years .That have graced the covers and spreads of numerous magazines.
So go over to the blog and check out what these guy's are up to .And if you find yourself in Orange County stop by the cycle lodge and meet these guy's in person , you won't be disappointed .

Grant & Harpoon

Grant's Cone Shovel

The Harpoon

Showing off his skills

Harpoon's Pan

Some of Harpoons work on Chris (Loser Machine) 1949 Chevy Styleline Deluxe

The Dynamic Due

More off Harpoons Paintwork (mind-blowing)

Thanks Guy's for being Part of this : 

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